Quinton baby  maple 360 car seat

From Inspiration to Innovation: The Quinton Story

Welcome to Quinton, where safety and comfort come first. Meanwhile, we offer top-quality baby products that are safe and comfortable. Beside, our commitment to excellence drives us to improve, making parenting easier and more enjoyable.

The Story Behind the Maple 360

The inspiration for the Quinton Maple 360 Safety Car Seat inspired by our dedication to child safety. Furthermore, we wanted to make parents’ lives easier by designing a car seat that’s super safe, comfy, and convenient.

maple 360 quinton baby car seat

Quinton Maple 360 Car Seat

Introducing the Quinton Maple 360 Car Seat:

Keeping your child safe and comfy on the go. Besides, packed with smart features for top protection and convenience. Plus, it rotates 360 degrees for easy setup and access, with adjustable positions for extra comfort.

Quinton Coxy 360 Car Seat

Introducing the Quinton Coxy Car Seat:

Keeping your child safe and comfy while traveling. Besides, made with care for top protection and convenience. Plus, it’s comfy and adjustable for a secure and cozy ride.

Quinton Onespin+ Car Seat

Introducing the Quinton OneSpin 360:

Making your child’s travels safer and easier. Plus, it rotates 360 degrees for simple use. Besdies, it’s comfy, stylish, and adjustable, ensuring your child travels comfortably and securely.

nior stroller malaysia baby

Unveiling the Quinton Stroller

Discover the Quinton Stroller: Where convenience meets elegance.

Explore its innovative design and unmatched functionality. From sleek silhouette to intuitive features, it’s sophistication and practicality for modern parents. Unravel the mystery and enjoy effortless outings with your little one.

nior stroller malaysia

Elevating Ease and Comfort for Malaysian Parents!

Discover Nior Stroller

Blending style with functionality, crafted for Malaysian families. Experience unmatched convenience and comfort for both parents and little ones. Additionally, join countless families who’ve embraced this exceptional stroller for effortless parenting and memorable adventures.

Quinton Nior Stroller

Discover the Nior Stroller:

Luxury meets functionality. Besides, its sleek design and practical features are perfect for Malaysian parents. Plus, join countless families loving the Nior for its easy sophistication in everyday adventures. Furthermore, redefine your parenting with unbeatable comfort, convenience, and style.

Quinton Mova Stroller

Discover the Quinton Mova Stroller:

A must-have for modern parents. Besides, its reversible seat and easy folding system combine convenience and style perfectly. Furthermore, made from top-notch materials, it ensures a luxurious ride from infancy to toddlerhood. Plus, join many parents loving its versatility and sophistication for unforgettable moments with your child.

Quinton Roxy Stroller

Introducing the Roxy Stroller:

Where fashion meets function. Besides, it’s versatile and trendy, perfect for modern parents. Plus, it’s lightweight and compact, ideal for city adventures. In addition, with a comfy seat and adjustable features, enjoy a stylish and cozy ride. Furthermore, explore the world with your perfect companion, the Roxy Stroller.

Quinton Shining Light Stroller

Introducing the Quinton Shining Light Stroller:

Brightening every parenting journey. Besdies, designed for style and function, it’s versatile for modern families. Plus, it’s light and compact for city adventures. Furthermore, with a comfy seat and adjustable features, enjoy a smooth ride. In addition, Light up your parenting with this perfect companion.

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