Quinton is a reputable company in Malaysia that specializes in baby gearing that works well to provide consumers a fairer, healthier and safer world. We simply do it through fighting to always put first the needs of our consumers in the market by empowering and proving them that we are the most trusted and dependable company that can make everything better, especially for their children. 


At Quinton, we’re committed to creating special and memorable experiences that help babies start their childhood off right. Our unique products are designed to cater to each child’s individual preferences, making every day a great one from the very beginning.



At Quinton, we are inspired by baby and their grownups. We care for them and make every moment of their childhood special.


We care after sales service for every daddy mummy. In extra provided 1 to 1 crash exchange program for all Quinton Car Seat.


The health and safety of our client’s wards come first and take precedence over the attainment of other objectives. If there should at any point exist a conflict between safety and other objectives, the conflict must be worked out so that we can deliver our objectives safely.


We are connected to the community where we do business. We collaborate with parents to make sure we provide quality and safe baby gearing always.


The motive of establishing Quinton is to provide safe baby gearing. We care about the concerns of our customers to keep their belief in our products strong.


At Quinton, we ensure that we stick to the most basic value of the company and remain committed to nourishing the business. Commitment to our work allows us to remain focused on the goals of the company.  At Quinton, we will not compromise our vision, mission or values. But deliver more.