DWINGULER Sensory Playmat – Farm House (Extra Large)

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Awake your kid’s brain by sound play, not by study! Joyful  Dwinguler Sound Play Mat!

Dwinguler Sound Play Mat is,

An active sound-learning mat in which kids can listen to various sounds and imagine joyfully and can have time for creative thinking not like passive learning by just playing with toys and reading a book.

Kids listening to various music since when they were young can grow their nerve network more sensitively and more active, and this becomes a base for kids to grow up as sensitive children.

From the age of 0 to 7, kids learn from everything they watch, listen, touch, and feel.

In the age of learning like absorbing sponges, let your kids grow up to be children with emotion and positive energy by “Dwinguler Sound Play Mat” containing various contents.

<Feature on front side>

Back Ground

Expressed the feature of familiar objects we see in our daily life or in the book, with the characterful and concentrative sound effect.


Introducing animal friends.

Entertainingly introduce and express the sound of an animal, various instrument playing, appearance, name, and features


Name and playing of musical instrument.

Name and sound of playing the musical instrument that each character has.



Song composed for each animal character theme.


<Feature of Back side>

Number – Learning the number from 0 to 10.

Song – Composed songs for each of the instrumental features.

Piano Keyboard sound can be changed to other instruments.

Each of the instruments can be played with a 2-Octave piano keyboard.

Playing Piano – Each of 2-Octave sounds.

Behavioral Expression – Added antonym words together so that learn by comparing the meaning of each object.

Alphabet Education – Added sound effects for words starting with each Alphabet.

ABC Song – Inserted ABC Song which is sung commonly all over the world.


<About Talking Pen>

Dwinguler talking pen is included in the box.

The product is made of safe and eco-friendly components for babies and toddlers to use it

Batteries Not Included  (Requires 2 x AAA battery)


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