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Quinton Maple 360 Safety Car Seat

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Maple 360 features:

  • Advanced R129/03 i-Size Protection
  • Convenient 360-Degree Rotation
  • 3+1 Recline Level
  • One-Hand 10 Height Position Adjustable Headrest
  • Anti Rebound Bar
  • Parented Egg Bounce Tech Headrest
  • Front and Rear Facing Adaptability
  • Nautilus Bionic Spine Protection Cockpit
  • Biocurve Seat Design
  • ISOFIX and Support Leg Installation
  • Ultimate Wooden Design
  • Fun Shoulder Straps with Silicone Paw Prints
  • Soft Adjustable Strap Button
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The Quinton Maple car seat prioritizes your child’s safety and comfort. With advanced R129/03 i-Size protection, it employs height-based classification to ensure a perfect fit as your child grows. The Nautilus Bionic Spine Protection Cockpit provides zoned support for crucial areas, safeguarding your baby’s head and neck during travel.

Adding an extra layer of security, the patented Egg Bounce Tech headrest features a fast rebound for sudden movements. As your child grows, the car seat adapts seamlessly, offering rear-facing for infants and front-facing options for older children. This adaptability makes it a versatile choice for parents seeking longevity in their investment.

Convenience is key, with a 360-degree rotation allowing easy access to your child from any angle. Additionally, the one-hand adjustable headrest offers ten height positions for a custom fit. The biocurve seat design ensures comfort during long journeys, complemented by fun shoulder straps with silicone paw prints, adding a playful touch to travel.

In summary, the Quinton Maple car seat seamlessly integrates advanced safety features with user-friendly design. This combination makes it the top choice for discerning parents prioritizing safety and comfort for their child.

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Weight 16 kg

Black, Creamy White, Green, Grey, Pink


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